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Why is Summer Learning So Important for Preschoolers?

Posted on July 9, 2020 : Posted in Legacy Academy
summer learning

It’s summertime. That means time for kids to play and relax. Of course, your preschooler is still constantly learning. Children learn through play, and the right preschool program can help your child maximize their learning potential all throughout the summer and beyond. Why is summer learning so important for preschoolers? Here are just some of the most important reasons. 

Preschool Goes by Quickly. Summertime Adds Up. 

Why focus on your child’s learning during the summer? Because to a preschooler, summer is a lot of time. Let’s think about it in simple math terms. Your child will get two summers during the preschool-aged years. Those two summers add up to about six months. 

Now, to an adult, six months is a fairly short amount of time. That’s because six months isn’t a big portion of your life so far. Now think about that same six months from a child’s perspective. To a four-year-old, six months is a solid ⅛ of their lifetime. That’s a big chunk of learning time. You can help them make the most of that time with the right preschool program. 

Taking Advantage of Brain Development 

Summertime learning matters a lot during the preschool years, and that’s because preschoolers’ brains develop rapidly. Your preschooler can learn new words every day. That’s why your child asks so many “What does ___ mean?” questions. For comparison, when was the last time you truly added a new word to your vocabulary as an adult? 

Rapid brain growth means rapid learning, but it’s not the same for every child. You may have heard some recent news stories about the “vocabulary gap” between children whose caregivers read to them and children whose caregivers do not. 

When you focus on your preschooler’s summertime learning – including their pre-literacy skills – you can help them take advantage of this important brain development time. 

Summer Learning Can Provide Structure 

How can you focus on your preschooler’s learning this summer? One thing you can do is keep them in preschool. This way, you can add some structure back into your child’s day. 

While children do need lots of free play, they also thrive on a certain amount of structure. A lot of children are more comfortable when they know what they can expect. Plus, structure can help your child master routines, which is a skill that they’ll eventually need for kindergarten. 

Preschool Programs Can Cover a Big Scope 

Here’s another advantage of preschool programs: They cover a wide range of subjects. As a parent, you may be great at helping your child with certain subjects, but summer learning programs can take your child’s learning further. 

At Legacy Academy, for example, children learn from trained and experienced preschool teachers. Here, children learn subjects ranging from pre-literacy to math. 

Summer learning and preschool classes go beyond academics at Legacy, though. Children here also learn social skills and similar non-academic subjects. 

Summer Learning Builds Confidence 

Have you noticed that your child gains confidence as they learn? Learning is a confidence booster in and of itself. It teaches children that it’s okay not to know all the answers, and it boosts their belief in their own ability to find those answers. 

Summer Learning through Preschool at Legacy Academy 

Do you need fun, engaging summer learning options for your preschooler? You can find what you’re looking for at Legacy Academy. We offer preschool all year long so that you child can keep learning through play and fun. Contact Legacy Academy in Chapel Hill to learn more.