Legacy Academy Chapel Hill: Orange County Approved Pre-K Site

Posted on November 6, 2020 : Posted in Legacy Academy


Pre-K is a valuable step in educational success. It lays a foundation for kindergarten and beyond. Every child deserves an excellent start, and that’s why the Orange County Partnership for young children is working with local Pre-K programs to make sure that parents can choose from the best options. 

Legacy Academy of Chapel Hill is proud to announce that we are now an Orange County approved Pre-K program site. The world may look different these days, but you can still get your child ready for kindergarten in a safe, play-based, learning-centered environment. At Legacy Academy, children have always learned the skills that they need to take them to the next step in their education. Now, the Orange County Partnership for Young Children has determined that we meet their strict requirements for approval. We’re here to help your child develop the skills they need to successfully transition to kindergarten. 

What is the Orange County Partnership for Young Children? 

The Orange County Partnership for Young Children (OCPYC) is a nonprofit organization that empowers children. It advocates for their growth, health, safety, and education. The OCPYC’s NC Pre-K Program is designed to help eligible four-year-olds get a high-quality kindergarten readiness education. It focuses on five areas: 

  1. Approaches to play and learning 
  2. Emotional and social development 
  3. Health and physical development 
  4. Language development and communication 
  5. Cognitive development 

Numbers, shapes, and pre-literacy skills matter, but so do peer-to-peer interaction, appropriate emotional responses, and physical health. That’s why the NC Pre-K Program takes a well-rounded approach. With these five areas of focus, the NC Pre-K Program helps ensure that North Carolina’s four-year-olds develop their skills and thrive when they move into a kindergarten classroom. 

Why Pre-K? 

Why does your four-year-old need a #PreK education? Pre-K can give your child a safe and caring environment where they can play and make friends. Pre-K is a popular choice for stay-at-home parents and working parents alike. Parents can rest assured that their child has a safe, nurturing, and welcoming place to stay during the day. 

However, #PreKindergarten is more than just a daycare. The best way to make sure that your child is ready for kindergarten is to put them in an excellent Pre-K class. The skills that your child learns in Pre-K will provide a bridge into kindergarten. Not only will they learn important pre-kindergarten academic skills, but they’ll also get used to a school day routine. When your child goes to kindergarten for the first time, the skills that they learned in Pre-K will make the transition easier. 

Why Legacy Chapel Hill? 

You have several pre-K #learning options for your child, so what makes Legacy Academy of Chapel Hill stand out? At Legacy Academy, each trained #PreKteacher uses Legacy’s patented learning curriculum. This curriculum is a large part of the reason why we’ve earned approval from OCPYC. We combine academic learning with play, social development, and a commitment to meeting each child’s individual needs. 

We also maintain a firm commitment to your child’s health and safety, with specific measures to protect our students from the COVID-19 virus. We’ve implemented social distancing procedures as well as cleaning and hygiene procedures to keep our environment as safe as possible for your child and their classmates. 

Want to Learn More? 

Are you ready to learn more about Pre-K at Legacy Academy in Chapel Hill? Our team would love to hear from you. Contact us today to learn more. We’d be happy to answer all of your questions about our curriculum, our safety procedures, and more. 

Your child deserves a head start in their education. The Legacy Academy team is here to provide it. 

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