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Employment: Come join our family of early childhood experts.


Seeking Preschool teachers in Carrboro/Chapel Hill, NC.  Individuals must be professional, with a high level of energy, strong leadership skills, excellent communication skills, and have a passion for nurturing, educating, and caring for young children.

Position Requirements:

  • 2 years of applicable experience in a licensed child care center or preschool
  • Completed Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education / Child Development or related field
  • NC Early Childhood Credentials with an additional 12 semester hours in early childhood coursework
  • CURRENT NC Criminal background check & Letter of approval for ECH
  • TB test within the past year
  • Physical prior to start of employment & live w/in 20 minutes Carrboro/Chapel Hill.

Please email resume to [email protected]

All applicants in NC must hold a CURRENT (within the last 36 months) approval letter from the NCDCD stating they completed their background check specifically for work in a childcare setting. ALSO, they must have a recent TB test documenting a negative result within the past 1 year or it must be repeated. (Failure to have the NCDCD letter and negative TB result may delay being able to start working in a childcare setting up to 6 weeks.)