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Supervised Learning For Your School-Aged Child

Posted on November 2, 2020 : Posted in Early Child Care Education, Education and Development

supervised learning Legacy Academy

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a lot of changes to people’s lives. For example, public schools in our area have made changes to their 2020-2021 classroom procedures. Many students are now learning from home, and many others will do so in the near future. For some families, home-based learning works well. For others, this type of learning makes it difficult to maintain work schedules and keep up with other day-to-day needs. Your child’s education matters, so how can you keep a good balance? Legacy Academy can help.

At Legacy Academy Chapel Hill, we want to help with #distancelearning and #alternativelearning. We’ve temporarily extended our school-age program so that your child can learn in a safe, clean, positive environment. Your child deserves a great place to learn, and you deserve to know that your child is safe and supervised. Whether your child attends public or private school, the Legacy Academy team welcomes your child to come learn with us. 

Our Health and Safety Guidelines 

Legacy has implemented strict health and safety guidelines. We’ve always put children’s health and safety first, but in light of the pandemic, we’ve made several changes to our safety procedures. Just like we do with our preschoolers, we’re doing everything in our power to protect our students and school-aged learners from COVID-19 exposure at school. 

First, we use social distancing protocol as recommended by the CDC. We’ve limited drop-offs, pickups, and non-mandatory visitors to using the front door. Instead of walking directly to their children’s classrooms, parents are asked to stay in the designated waiting area and maintain six feet of distance from one another as a staff member escorts the children to their classrooms and parents. Our classrooms leave plenty of room for social distancing as well. 

Next, we regularly clean our surfaces and apply disinfectants, following CDC guidelines as we do so. We’ve also altered our sign-in system to limit contact with high-touch surfaces. 

Our teachers and staff members all wear masks, and parents are highly encouraged to do so, too. 

Finally, we screen everyone for potential COVID-19 symptoms before they enter the front door, and we ask that if a child is exposed to the virus, parents keep that child at home. 

Supervised Learning with Time to Play 

Your child will remain supervised by Legacy Academy faculty members while they complete their assignments from school. Your child will also enjoy supervised outdoor play and a USDA-approved breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack. Overall, you can rest assured that your child is safe as they learn, and they’re getting the play time that young minds need to optimize the learning experience. 

Learning Support from Legacy Academy Teachers 

What happens if your child needs help with a concept or assignment? We can help. Our Legacy Academy faculty members have education experience across all age groups, including teaching school-aged children. The Legacy teachers who supervise your child’s learning experience are more than equipped to provide extra help and guidance at any time your child should need it. 

Sign Up Today At Legacy Academy

Until the danger of the COVID-19 virus passes, we all need to take steps to keep each other safe and make sure that our kids get what they need. As a parent, you’re doing everything that you can do to keep up with life’s ever-changing demands. That’s why we’re here to help.

As we continue to watch the pandemic situation unfold, we stay flexible and do everything we can to help the children at Legacy Academy. We’d love for your child to join the Legacy family, too. 

Sign your child up for our after-school program today, or contact us for more information. Your child’s education matters. We’re here to help them get the most of it, even in these unusual circumstances.