What to Look for in After School Programs

Posted on July 30, 2019 : Posted in Early Child Care Education, Education and Development


We all know that Chapel Hill has some great schools, but does your child have a safe and fun place to go after school? For parents whose work hours don’t always mesh with their children’s school hours, after school programs can help them fill in the gap. In the right after school program, your child can avoid passive screen time in favor of constructive fun. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that you choose the right program. Don’t worry, though. The list below will help you make the right choice. Here are the things that you should look for in after school programs for your child.


One on One Attention


During school hours, your child may or may not get a lot of individual attention from their teachers. It all depends on the teacher, the class sizes, and a few other factors. Whether or not your child gets one-on-one help during regular school hours, a nice after school program can provide your child with lots of positive adult attention. Take some tours of different childcare facilities and pay attention to how the adults in these spaces interact with the children. These tours will give you lots of insight.


Group Dynamics and Individual Activities


All children need a mix of group and individual activities. This balance helps them avoid feeling overwhelmed on one end of the spectrum and bored on the other. Now, the perfect ratio of individual time to group time looks different for every child, but in the right after school care program, your child should get a decent mix of both.


School Break Options


Sometimes, your child gets a break from school during the days when you still have to work. Schools breaks are fantastic ways for kids to unwind, but if you’re scrambling to find childcare, your child will pick up on your stress. Let school breaks be fun and stress-free. The right after school program should offer care options during school breaks.


Homework Help


Does your child struggle with any particular school subject? Don’t worry. Most children will struggle with a few subjects throughout their schooling. The important thing is that they find their own way to tackle the subjects that confuse them. That’s why you should look for after school programs that offer homework help. With support from a caring teacher, your child can overcome their academic hurdles one step at a time. This academic help can be extra helpful if you struggle with the same subject that your child does. If Common Core math makes your head spin, it can help to have an expert on your team.


Time for Play


Of course, after school programs shouldn’t be all about academics. They should also include time for play and fun. After all, if your child just came from school, then they deserve some time to relax and decompress for a little bit. With structured play options, chances to build friendships, and plenty of space for creativity, your child’s after school program can be a place that they look forward to visiting every day.


After School Programs with Legacy Academy


Looking for excellent after school programs in Chapel Hill? Then Legacy Academy has what you need. Our after school programs have personalized homework help, lots of time for fun, creative expression, and so much more. If you want your child to stay safe, engaged, and happy after school, then Legacy Academy is the perfect program. Contact Legacy’s Chapel Hill franchise to schedule your free tour today.