Child’s relationship with grandparents

Fostering Your Child’s Relationship with Grandparents

Posted on December 26, 2018 : Posted in Family Time & Holidays, Parenting Tips
Child’s relationship with grandparents

Families are complicated, and everyone has their own story. With this in mind, every parent must help their children navigate the world of relatives and family relationships. If you are fortunate enough to have your children’s grandparents in your lives, you may be looking for ways to encourage their bond as your children grow. Today we will explore some tips for fostering your child’s relationship with grandparents.

Make Time

This may be the most difficult thing of all. While few people would say that they don’t value relationships with family, it can be difficult to find the time to visit, call, or write them in the midst of our busy lives. The best way you can help your child’s relationship with grandparents is exposure. When you can, take your children to visit or invite grandparents to visit you. Write or call when you have the opportunity. When you prioritize the relationship, your child will learn to do the same.

Be Flexible

Grandparents will probably not do things the same way you do. This includes everything from food to activities to schedules. Assuming your child is safe and being cared for, try to allow some space for grandparents to do things their own way. While it may be difficult for you, recognize that your child’s relationship with grandparents is a special one and it’s good to be flexible and let them figure it out. This will also help your relationship with your child’s grandparents since they will likely recognize your efforts to respect them and their desires.

Keep Grandparents’ Houses Special

When your child loves a toy, television show, or special treat away from home, it can often be tempting to provide them the same joy at home. However, there is value in letting certain favorite things stay at your child’s grandparents’ house. Keeping fresh toys, books, and snacks at Grandma’s means that your child will associate those fun and favorite things with his grandparents. If you see grandparents frequently enough, you can even suggest that they purchase birthday or Christmas gifts with the idea of keeping them in their own home for visits.

Encourage Communication

As your children get older, encourage them to communicate with their grandparents on their own. Thanks to the advent of video chat software, any tablet or smartphone becomes an easy way to communicate with loved ones face-to-face. Even if video chatting isn’t a possibility, young children can talk on the phone or draw pictures to send in the mail regularly.

Extend Invitations

Some grandparents are unsure about how welcome and wanted their presence is in their grandchildren’s daily lives. If you hope to foster your child’s relationship with grandparents, make a point to invite them to your child’s major events. When your child participates in sports, a school play, a dance recital, or another public performance, let his or her grandparents know that they are welcome to attend. The same is true for holidays and birthdays. Celebrating together is a wonderful way to make memories and bond.

Grandparents can be a great gift, and as parents, you have the ability to help your child develop lasting and healthy relationships with them. By intentionally making time and inviting them to important events, you ensure that your child is familiar with them and makes memories with them. By being flexible and allowing grandparents houses to be unique, you give grandparents a special status in your child’s life. While not every child can have good relationships with grandparents, there are great advantages to those connections that should be fostered if possible. Are you looking for childcare that will support the whole family unit? Consider Legacy Academy Chapel Hill. Call or visit today for more information.