Kindergarten Preparation for Your Preschooler

Posted on April 30, 2019 : Posted in Children's Success in Life & School, Education and Development

With the end of school quickly approaching, many preschool parents are looking ahead to kindergarten and wondering what the transition will bring. We all know that the summer will appear to fly by, and back-to-school time will be here before you know it. Your preschool teachers and new elementary school will provide lots of tools to help with kindergarten preparation. At the same time, there are many things you can do at home to provide structure and security for this new season. Here are some ways to set your new kindergartener up for success.

Visit in Advance

Most elementary schools offer meet-and-greet type events for incoming kindergarteners and their families. These events range from full school tours to fun fair-type events with booths and games. Contact the school your child will be attending to find out what opportunities you have to visit and acclimate to the space. If you regularly pass the school in your daily routine, point it out to your child and help familiarize them with its location. The more exposure you and your child have to the school and its rhythms, the more comfortable the actual school transition will be.

Establish Routines

While most families run on a different schedule in the summertime, it will benefit you to think ahead about morning and evening routines for the school year. In both cases, think of your hard deadline (leaving the house in the mornings and bedtime at night) and work backward to determine how long you will need. Consider the things you can do in the evening to make mornings less hectic. Also, be intentional about spending quality time with your child when you can. Kindergarten is different from preschool and will probably include some big feelings that your child will need to process. Being available to talk and encourage them will benefit you both.

Create a School Station

If you don’t already have a designated spot in your home for school-related belongings, kindergarten preparation is the time to create one. When your child comes in the door for school, they will know where to drop their backpack, lunchbox, shoes, homework, etc. This prevents the panicked search in the morning for all the necessities that have seemingly vanished. Additionally, this creates habits for your child early in their school career. Later, when your child has more homework or more school-related responsibilities, they will already be accustomed to putting them in accessible and secure places.

Talk About What’s Coming

Rehearsing a coming change is helpful for a child’s understanding and coping skills. With this in mind, share as much as you know about the ways that life will be different in the fall. Will your child ride the bus? If so, watch for it in the mornings and talk about what that will be like. If possible, ask friends or neighbors to share with your child about their experiences. What about after school? If her afternoons will be spent with different caregivers or in a new place, talk about the good and hard things about those transitions. While this doesn’t need to be a conversation you have every day, you may find that once you broach the topic, your child will mull it over and come up with questions over time. Discussing the transition now gives them time to consider it from all angles and bring concerns to you.

Connect with Teachers

Each school district announces classroom assignments at different times, so this may not be possible for you for a while. However, once you know who your child’s teacher will be, consider reaching out and forming a relationship as soon as possible. If your child’s teacher knows that you are working hard on kindergarten preparation, they may offer you additional tools and support. Also, when teachers know that parents are involved and available, it paves the way to a good relationship throughout the year.

Kindergarten preparation is a precious and exciting time. From buying school supplies to meeting new friends, your child has many milestones ahead of them. If you begin building a foundation of preparedness now, your child will walk into kindergarten feeling ready for anything. If you are looking for childcare that will assist you in preparing your child for elementary school, consider Legacy Academy Chapel Hill. Call or visit today for more information.