Morning routine

Creating a Morning Routine That Works

Posted on January 24, 2019 : Posted in Common Parenting Challenges, Parenting Tips
Morning routine

We all know that sinking feeling of realizing that we’re late. Morning can be especially hard to schedule effectively, and all the more so when children are involved. It only takes one unexpected event to throw your whole morning into chaos. The good news is that mornings can go smoothly. And while there’s no magic button to avoid being late, developing a realistic morning routine will go a long way towards helping you get out the door.

Set Expectations

Before you jump into your mornings hoping to get them running like a well-oiled machine, sit down and make a list of everything you need to accomplish before you head out the door. Some things (most things, in fact) must be done every single day. This includes steps like getting dressed, eating breakfast, brushing teeth, and packing bags. Once you have your full list in front of you, evaluate how long each task typically takes and how much time you should allow for it. This is also a great opportunity to look for ways you can work ahead, such as the night before, to save time in the morning.

Be a Team

While every parent would love to work alongside their child, the dynamic is unfortunately typically very different. If you are tired of asking your child to put on their shoes ten times every morning, it’s time to create a team mentality. Present your morning routine to your child as a challenge. For example, sit down with your child at a neutral time and mention that you’d like to find ways to make your morning smoother. You may be surprised at the creative and effective solutions they can offer! Being a team also includes ensuring that you are as diligent and on-task as you hope your child will be. As tempting as it may be to hit snooze an extra time or spend five extra minutes playing on your phone, the more you can stick to the plan, the more likely it is that you’ll be on time.

Give Something to Look Forward To

One excellent way to help your child move quickly in the morning is to offer an incentive. Perhaps you’ll have time for a quick stop at the park, or maybe you can offer more time to listen to music in the car. Whatever it is that will motivate and excite your child, make it clear that an on-time start means more opportunities. Be sure to only offer incentives that are reasonable and real, since you want your child to be successful and not stressed. This means that things like screentime, sugary treats, or time-consuming activities are poor choices since they may make the rest of the day more difficult.

Prepare for the Unexpected

It seems unfair to say that you should plan for the things you can’t plan for. At the same time, there are ways to anticipate those events that may make your mornings more difficult. If you find yourself late because you can’t find anyone’s shoes, try putting them by the door in the evening. If traffic is the culprit, tell yourself that your start time is 10 minutes earlier and stick to it. No one can anticipate everything that could go wrong, but by noticing patterns that derail your mornings, you can create a routine that circumvents many of your common issues.

Use Visual and Auditory Reminders

As lovely as it would be if we could all rely on our internal clocks, in reality, we quickly lose track of time. With this in mind, you may want to create visual and auditory reminders for the different parts of your morning. For example, your child may benefit from a checklist or chart detailing his or her main responsibilities each morning. At the same time, you may find it helpful to set alarms on your phone for essential moments throughout your routine, such as when it’s time to eat breakfast and when everyone needs to get shoes on. These simple tools will keep your morning routine moving forward and prevent you from leaving everything until the last minute.

Mornings are a common issue in families, especially those with many family members to get out the door on time. These simple tips will help you organize your mornings and develop a morning routine that will get you on the move with time to spare. Interested in childcare that helps your child take responsibility for things like time management, self-care, and making a plan? Consider Legacy Academy Chapel Hill. Call or visit today to learn more.