Introducing Señorita Williams

Posted on October 12, 2017 : Posted in Legacy Academy

Our mission is to encourage cross-cultural awareness through foreign language and live music curriculum.
We teach Spanish through live music, movement, dance, puppetry, and fun games!
We believe there is great value in educating young children on other cultures and languages through social and emotional play, in our classes children have the opportunity to develop a deeper sense of curiosity and compassion for others. There are classes for Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers and Beyond!
Utilizing Music for engagement increases “Funderstanding”
• Music ignites learning of sounds and meanings of words, improves memory
• Music stimulates the part of the brain related to reading, math, emotional development, and enhances social skills
• Music also has been shown to enhance creativity, patience, and a sense of connection and confidence
• Music is Fun, learning happens through enjoyable engagement
Our Spanish Teacher, Señorita Williams, has a program tailored to the age of the children in each classroom. She creates her lessons according to our academic curriculum. Our teachers are also incorporating her lessons into their daily routines to reinforce what the children have learned that day and the weeks prior. We are also setting up a Spanish learning center in the classroom where children have access to books and other learning resources. We will start to build a library of storybooks, pictures, and other manipulatives. Señorita Williams uses her guitar, maracas, puppets, books, games, and activities to introduce and reinforce key concepts in Spanish and English.